SOFTT Special Operations Forces Tactical Tourniquet - Orange

SOFTT Special Operations Forces Tactical Tourniquet - Orange



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The SOF Tactical Tourniquet (SOFTT) is one of the top performing tourniquets currently available. It is the tourniquet of choice for many of the world’s most elite and experienced warriors who have selected it for its outstanding ability to control severe bleeding, high level of reliability and ease of application.

While some military units have replaced their issue tourniquets with the SOFTT, others military units have implemented SOP’s stating that the SOF Tactical Tourniquet is to be used on all lower extremity bleeds. That means the SOFTT is the tourniquet that trusted to control the most severe extremity hemorrhage on the battlefield.

Simple application. The SOFTT is applied the same to an arm or leg. Unlike other tourniquets that require you to learn two methods of application and implement the proper method when under stress. By accounting for the factors of human performance in combat we have minimized the risk of failure. The SOFTT provides the necessary effectiveness with an unmatched level of simplicity to increase the overall effectiveness of the device.

Reliable. The SOF Tactical Tourniquet is designed to reduce the chance of accidental release or mechanical failure. Unlike other materials including Velcro, the fastening system will perform when soiled, muddy, frozen, or wet.

Safety set screw prevents accidental release of pressure during tactical patient movement. The screw is not required to gain hemorrhage control, but it is recommended if the patient will be moved in a tactical environment. Dual locking rings offer a back up locking system. Repairable – The SOFT can be easily repaired if it is damaged. 550 cord, boot laces or zip ties can be used to replace the tri-rings.