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  • Tactical shoulder bug out bag 7 Litre Coyote ; Breathable mesh back &; Adjustable Quick Release Belt & Hidden document holder pocket & Main compartment with drawstring and storm flap with built in bank note compartment &  with Reißverschluss zip front utility pouch &  Velcro Pistol Magazine Pouch &  Mobile phone holder/Small Utility Pouch &  Radio Bag with clip fastening at the back &  Made from 600D TAC poly &  Dimensions: 23 x 16 x 15 cm
  • First aid in green nylon pockets all kits included, CE products Steropax dressings (dressing sterile plasters) is used by the emergency and has up to five years shelf life hypoallergenic are safe to use on the skin sensitive skin, especially children's ski gloves prevent cross contamination from Blood and Body Fluids
  • Seven Oceans® tablets emergency ration is made from compressed lining) approximately 27.8 g for each of the ocean. Each unit (500 g Net) includes 18 tablets packed in 9 rods with grease-proof paper. The 9 rails are packed bottom vacuum in air and waterproof aluminium foil. This device is protected by a water-repellent box.
  • The Duronic Ecohand is a very portable and stylish wind up to AM/FM radio that go practically anywhere, Battery lose. Hide-away wrap arm to create and store energy is 3.5 mm Earphone/Headphone Jack built-in torch with full charge bieten approx. 150 minutes of radio time 1 minute wind up is about 30 minutes use the torch DC output extendible antenna volume stand
  • This kit has been specially designed for a people provides plenty of basic survival equipment should be last up to 72hrs. It is a must have products in this't determine time

Sling Bag Orange shelter rain poncho 1 x Film 1 x Emergency Foil Blanket, first aid kit 1 x, eye pad, 1 x Wundko Mpresse Large 1 x Medium Dressing 1 x Nitrile Gloves 10 x Plasters hypo-allergenic safety pins, 1 x Triangular Bandage, 1 x crank radio USB and charging cable, torch, solar function, 1 x 12 Survival Tool 1 x Head Lamp (including battery) 1 x 500 ml aluminium water bottle, 1 x Seven Seas 72hr Engine 1 x Seven OceanS 500 ml of water cleaning tablets Pack of 1 x 10 Compartment Magnesium Fire Starter 1 x Lighter 1 x Windproof Matches 1 x Dextro packs 1 x Hand Gel 5 x Clinell Antibacterial Hand Wipes 1 x Bob has 1 x Pack of 26 body wipes 1 x Dental Gum Pack FFP3 masks 1 x Survival carrying case waterproof survival Plastic Whistle fishing line and hook Compact Candle, Hunting Wire Fire Starter Wire Saw sewing kit – Razor Blade Survival Mirror pencil matches