Set of 1-4 Oropharyngeal Airways

Set of 1-4 Oropharyngeal Airways



Product type: Airways & Chest Seals

Vendor: Trauma Survival Kits

Tags: Airways

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  • Sizes: equal to length in cm
  • Colour coded bite portions can aid easy size identification (children – 00, 1, 2; adults – 4, 5, 6)
  • Sized by measuring from the center of the mouth between the first incisors to the angle of the mandible in an adult


  • Guedel’s Oropharyngeal airways are designed to lift the tongue off the posterior pharyngeal wall preventing airway obstruction.
  • When inserting into an adult, rotate 180 degrees from concave upwards position as the airway is inserted over the tongue. Lubricant may aid insertion.
  • Anatomically correct for patient comfort colour coded in size order Large lumen enables exchange of expired air
  • For use in pediatrics, insert directly over the tongue, ideally with the aid of a tongue depressor.
  • Set 1-4 Airways