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Our 1 Person Bug out Bags are suitable for disasters such as Floods, Earthquakes, hiking, terrorist attacks. The one person survival kit contains all the essentials items which you would need in an emergency.

  • Mesh padded back system - the Tri-FlowTM mesh back with padding to offer a breathable and ventilated performance to keep you comfortable and cool. Multiple compartments - main compartment, front zipped compartment with organiser and side mesh pockets ideal for your water bottle. Bungee cord attachment - for Carry external storage with easy access.
  • Datrex emergency rations, the gold standard of food rations, are individually wrapped highly concentrated food bars which are then vacuum bagged in a specially designed polymer-foil package. This high level of protection is certified to keep the contents fresh for a minimum of five years in even the harshest environments. 12 individually wrapped 200 calorie bars, in each vacuum sealed foil package
  • The Duronic Ecohand is a highly portable and stylish wind up AM/FM radio that will go just about anywhere, battery-free. Winding arm to create and store energy, plug socket for earphones, Integrated flashlight at the front fully charged radio will provide around 150 minutes of radio 1 minute windup will give around 30 minutes light
  • Comprehensive 40 piece First Aid Kit ( Sealed )1 x Pair of scissors 1 x Conforming bandage 5cm x 4m 1 x Conforming bandage 7.5cm x 4m 1 x Microporous tape 1.25cm x 9m 1 x Non-woven triangular bandage 2 x Steropad low adherent sterile pads 2 x Steropore wound dressing sterile 6 x Alcohol free cleansing wipes 10 x Washproof sterile plasters 5 x Sterile gauze swabs 10cm x 10cm 1 x Pair of medium gloves 8 x Safety pins 1 x Instant ice pack


1 x 28L MOLLE Rucksack 1 x Datrex Emergency Ration, 1.5L x Datrex Emergency Water Pouches, 1 x Orange Survival Bag, 1 x First Aid Kit, 1 x Water bottle 1 x Poncho 1 x BOB Hats 1 x Head Torch, 1 x Magnesium Fire Stone 1 x Wind Up Radio with flashlight, 3 x Chemical Lights, 1 x Dental Gum, 2 x Emergency Foil Blankets, 1 x Tube windproof Matches, 1 x Lighter 3 x Packs Dextrose, 5 x Surgical Masks, 1 x Pr Indirect Goggles, 1 x FFP3 Mask , 1 x Hand Gel, 20 Water Purification Tablets, 1 x Roll Gorilla Tape, 2 x Packs Tissue, 15m Paracord 1 x Waterproof Notepad 1 x Safety Whistle, 1 x Pr Rigger Gloves 2 x Pencils 1 x Wipes