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  • First Care Products saves time, saves money and, most importantly, saves lives. Our innovative, easy-to-use products are designed for pre-hospital emergency medical situations - at work, on the street, in the field and in the home. The
  • Designed for treating larger wounds, the 6-inch Military Personal Field Dressing incorporates a number of innovative features for immediate hemorrhage control in the field, on the street and in the home. As with the entire Emergency Bandage series, the 6-inch Military Personal Field Dressing includes the built-in, patented Pressure Applicator, which can apply over 30 pounds of pressure directly to a wound
  • In a crisis, seconds matter: death by bleeding from a gunshot or blast happens in just a few minutes and saving lives needs fast, targeted action. Emergency responders take on the burden of getting the patient to hospital (or military Role 2) alive and in the best state possible for surgery and recovery.
  • Our latest product, RAPID Gauze stands out ahead of its competitors due to its speed, drastically reducing the treatment time needed to hold pressure and stop bleeding for a life-threatening arterial injury RAPID Gauze is indicated for temporary external use to control life-threatening bleeding