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One of our largest tarps, the DD Tarp 4x4 is a great dry cover solution for groups, teams and work spaces. 19 reinforced attachment points allow for a whole variety of set-up options, whether that's to cover a few hammocks at once or to form a sturdy shelter for you and your friends.
Your team's go-to shelter
You can count on the DD Tarp 4x4 to shelter you and your team from the elements on a backpacking trip, event or work activity. Scout groups or survival camps will also be grateful for its ample dry cover. Close it off or make it a canopy – it will stand up against anything the weather has to throw at you!
Alternatively, use it to extend your caravan porch or form it into a customisable tent for you and your friends out on the trail. We could go on – why not discover more options for yourself?

All DD tarps are 100% waterproof, even in the heaviest storms.