Citizen Response Trauma Kit CRTK/3



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Product type: Advanced First Aid Kits

Vendor: TSK

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  • The Citizen response trauma kit has been designed to give private citizens access to life saving medical equipment in an emergency situation. Recent events in Europe and the UK have shown that a serious traumatic incident can happen at any time. Now is the time to be prepared.
  • This kit contains the latest and most up to date Cat Gen 7 tourniquet. Which allows one handed application, as used by medical services and military World Wide. (kits come with the cat configured for one handed application)
  • Z packed compressed gauze for wound packing
  • The Emergency Care bandage is used by Civi Lian and military across the globe. This dressing incorporates a pressure bar to exert pressure directly onto the wound.(kits come with the outer packaging removed to allow immediate access to the dressing which is contained in a vacuum sealed packaging)