Purification of Survival Water

Water may seem to be a “heavy” item to carry within your survival kit, however it is important to understand that water is one of the most if not “the most important” survival item. It is important to remember that we can can survive for no more than 3 days without water depending on the weather conditions if the weather is not in your favour bet on 1 to 2 days.

In the case of a emergency situation always listen to advice from the local emergency services in case additional measures are required.

If disaster strikes and your homes water supply is interrupted, look for other sources of portable water in  and around your home, you can gather limited amounts of water by draining your hot water tank or melting ice cubes.  Well water is the proffered source of drinking water however if well water is not a option use river or lake water, avoid using water sources with floating material and water with dark colour or an oder. Always try to locate flowing water as this better quality than stagnant water.

Examine the condition of the water and decide if disinfection is necessary. All disinfections are less effective in cloudy, murky or coloured water. If the water is coloured or murky filer through clean cloths or allow it to settle. It is more effective to both settle and filter. Once the water has been filtered until it is clear or all the dirt or other particles have settled, draw off the clean water for purification, water ready for disinfection should be stored in a clean tightly covered containers, not subject to corrosion.

Choosing a disinfection method. There are two general methods which will effectively disinfect small quantities of filtered and settled water.

The surest and safest method to make water safe to drink and kill disease-causing microorganisms  like cryptosporidium, which are regularly found in lakes and rivers.

However is boiling is not a option, chemical purification is your next best bet. It is always best to have a water filtration bottle as it is vert important to purify filtered water.


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