Celox Rapid

Haemostatic dressings

Stops bleeding fast

Celox rapid gauze stops severe arterial bleeding with only one minute pressure applied. This saves valuable time in an emergency as well as reducing blood loss.


Bug Out Bags

Bespoke or ready-made

A “bug-out bag” or emergency go-bag is something everyone should have in their home or vehicle. When disaster strikes, you’ll be glad you have these survival items pre-packed and ready to go.

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TSK Triple 9 Trauma Kit - Rapid

The TSK Triple 9 Trauma Kit is designed to be TCCC compliant, and has the ability to address the three leading causes of combat and tactical deaths

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Tasmanian Tiger Individual IFAK

In a crisis, seconds matter: death by bleeding from a gunshot or blast takes just a few minutes. Rapid Gauze medical products treat severe wounds, at the point of first treatment, and wherever needed to help keep the patient alive and reach surgical care.

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Military Dressings

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Survival Kits & Equipment

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